David Lipworth.

David Lipworth

David Lipworth.

What Lawyers Really Charge

2.15 – 2.30pm | Maia Room

In January 2019, 412 law firms told us what they actually charge. The results blew us away. With technology driving efficiency, law firms are letting go of billable hours and charging fixed fees. But what should they charge? What do others charge? Are you pricing yourself out of the market? Or undercharging in a race to the bottom? For the first time, find out what lawyers actually charge in this presentation from David Lipworth, Managing Director of Smarter Drafter. David will then share techniques that all lawyers should use in their firm.

About David

David brings top-tier legal expertise and cutting-edge technology together as the Managing Director at automated legal documents provider, Smarter Drafter. With more than 15 years’ experience as a M&A lawyer with top-tier global firms, David’s passion for finding new and better ways of doing things inspired the Real Human Reasoning™ document automation technology that powers Smarter Drafter. That passion is at odds with the legal industry, traditionally ruled by the billable hour, in which lawyers are actually rewarded for their inefficiency. Those days are coming to an end and, with Smarter Drafter, David is at the front that revolution. Prior to joining Smarter Drafter, David was a principal at Fluency Legal and a corporate lawyer at Allens Linklaters, Clifford Chance and Baker McKenzie.