Alex Rosenrauch.

Alex Rosenrauch

Alex Rosenrauch.

Rise of the Bots

10.45 – 11.15am | Sumac Room

Telstra’s internal Legal Chatbot has been designed to assist internal clients with a range of high volume, low risk inquires by using Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and programed conversations. The Chatbot was wholly developed in-house by leveraging the underlying technology and processes developed for Telstra’s customer facing bot, Codi, which handles over 2 million customer interactions a year.

About Alex

Alex is the Legal Enablement Specialist at Telstra and is currently supporting the prioritised initiatives in Legal that will enable Telstra to deliver its T22 strategy.  Alex has a passion for data and is focused on strengthening and transforming how the team works by delivering a new agile construct that is data driven, enabled by legal technology and is underpinned by a robust framework that empowers the team to operate efficiently, effectively and collaboratively.