Evan Wong.

Evan Wong

Evan Wong.

Why ‘Productise’ Your Legal Services

12.15 – 12.30pm | Maia Room

Moving beyond the billable hours business model, it’s become increasingly clear that the future of law firms will centre around ‘productisation’ of legal services, drawing on the power of automation and data analytics. In this presentation, Evan explains the benefits of adopting this approach for law firms seeking to increase the firm’s gross margin and for in-house legal departments to allow counsel to address a company’s legal needs at low cost and with heightened efficiencies.

About Evan

Evan Wong (CEO) is the original founder of Checkbox and comes from a background in law. Spending only a brief time at KPMG, Evan has spent almost his entire career as an entrepreneur, having founded another award-winning company, Hero Education, prior to founding Checkbox.