Ian Goddard.

Ian Goddard.

About Ian

Ian Goddard is the CEO and Founder of Yarris Technologies, a leading enterprise software provider founded in 1991 whose platforms support over a billion dollars of throughput annually from the construction, insurance and legal industries.

A former partner of Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Ian is passionate about helping lawyers navigate the rapidly changing technological landscape in law. He is a highly sought speaker in the legal technology conference circuit in Australia and New Zealand.

In 2014, after seeing the challenges and limitations of paper-based legal departments, Ian launched Dazychain, an innovative legal operations platform that reimagines how in-house legal teams work.

Dazychain centralises critical data for corporate counsel departments including matters, work-lists, documents, emails and communications on one cloud-based platform.

Ian is at vALTACON to share his insight into the pillars of startup successes, with a look at his many wins, some hard-won lessons and managing a long-standing business with the agile mentality of a start-up.