Joel Barolsky.

Joel Barolsky

Joel Barolsky.

The law firm as a value-added reseller

1.45 – 2pm | Maia Room

Advances in legal technology mean some law firms will become value-added resellers (VARs) of software rather than end-to-end producers of legal services – taking software created by third party, and adding their own content and advice in serving their clients. There are many profound implications for law firms becoming VARs in particular sharing margin with software vendors; co-branding (ala Intel Inside); new skills sets; different pricing models based more on client outcomes; and new competitors with the threat of software going direct. The presentation will outline these implications for law firms and technology firms and the type of responses they should consider.

About Joel

Founder and Managing Director of Barolsky Advisors Senior Fellow of The University of Melbourne 30 years as a strategy advisor and management consultant to professional service firms Op-ed writer for the Australian Financial Review Legal Affairs section 16 years as head of Beaton Research & Consulting’s strategy practice Lead author of Thomson Reuters Peer Monitor Melbourne Law School State of the Australian Legal Market Report Author of the Relationship Capital blog Advisory Board member of the Australian Centre for Legal Innovation Creator of the Price High or Low smartphone app Foundation member of the Australian Legal Technology Association Teaching Fellow on the College of Law’s Master of Legal Business Management program.