Karen Finch.

Karen Finch

Karen Finch.

From Lawyer to Entrepreneur (you can do it too!)

12.30 – 12.45pm | Maia Room

Karen never wanted to be an entrepreneur. In fact, being the daughter of a serial entrepreneur in the 1980s and 90’s, Karen actively sort out a career that would lead her as far away from the entrepreneurial world as she could get – being a lawyer! Karen will share her unlikely journey through the legal tech startup world, sharing the key lessons she has learnt along the way, and most importantly inspiring those who may not see themselves as your stereotypical founder or legal innovator to take a leap of faith.

About Karen

Karen is a non-practising lawyer, entrepreneur and legal tech founder. Karen is also in her 40s, has 4 children under 12, and is the CEO of Legally Yours. As your non-stereotypical legal tech founder, Karen has had to navigate her way through the legal tech startup world the hard way, often alone, out of her depth, and crippled by self-doubt. However, through the power of collaboration, partnerships, and plain old serendipity, Karen is leading lawyers and law firms into a new way of engaging clients locally and internationally, and forging a new pathway of access to justice for the Australian community.