Luke Thomas.

Luke Thomas

Luke Thomas.

Access to Justice | The Importance of UX/Human Centered Design

3.15 – 3.30pm | Sumac Room

When I started my legal design career, I didn’t know what UX (user experience) and HCD (human-centered design) meant. I just knew that, for most people, courts are daunting, legal information is incomprehensible, and self-help can be nearly impossible. This makes the experience of an already stressful time much worse.

But there is hope.

In my talk, I’ll give examples of how human centred design—an approach that puts the people with the problems at the centre of the solution—can be used to redesign legal service delivery, implement innovative legal technology, reach more people, and plan for a better future. Because what UX and HCD really stand for is creating design solutions that come from users to build technology and services they’ll actually understand and want to use.

About Luke

Luke started working at Portable after he graduated from the Juris Doctor program at Melbourne Law School. Luke developed an interest in using design and technology to improve access to justice after working and volunteering at community legal centres and human rights organisations and seeing the need to provide accessible and empathetic experiences. His work at Portable includes research and design for the online resolution technology platforms, delivering co-design workshops with legal service practitioners, and designing improvements to the experience of legal aid clients as they apply for and receive grants of aid.