Meera Klemola.

Legal design expert & Founder of Observ.

Meera Klemola

Meera Klemola.

Where does competitive advantage lie? Exploring the value of legal design.

12 noon – 1pm | Sumac Room

It is a given, technology is developing at an exponential pace, shifting the way legal teams work, law firms operate and potentially redefining the role of the lawyer. With specific reference to legal design and human-centered design, Meera discusses why in this digital age it is imperative to focus equally on aspects that cannot be digitised or automated – because that is ultimately where competitive advantage lies and a key aspect to maintaining relevancy.

Meera will also share some practical applications of legal design, introduce you to its working methods for legal innovation and explore the role design plays in shaping the future legal profession.

About Meera

Meera Klemola is a leading expert in Legal Design and human skills for legal professionals and teams. Meera is a trusted advisor to multinational brands, legal innovation teams, law firms and universities helping them tap into design as a strategic tool to modernize legal thinking, introduce collaborative ways of working and innovate new-to-market legal services and products.

Known for her fresh insights on the legal sector and where it’s going, Meera is a sought-after keynote speaker and panel member at company retreats and global conferences including Legal Geek (Europe’s largest legal tech conference), Daimler’s ‘Digital Life Day and Germany’s Brand & Design Congress. Meera is also a key author for Lexis Nexis’ practice guide on Skillsets for Lawyers