Richard Tromans.

Richard Tromans.

About Richard

Hello, if you’re reading this then you’re probably curious about what I do.

I primarily do two things:

Artificial Lawyer ( – is a news and views site dedicated to changing the business of law for the benefit of society as a whole, with a strong emphasis on the use of technology. Under the Artificial Lawyer brand I give speeches, run workshops and chair events. Artificial Lawyer also works with other organisations to create all day conferences on legal innovation, see: Legal Innovators – (

Tromans Consulting ( – is the consulting brand through which I seek to help those in the legal market who want to focus on changing the way legal work is produced. The framework for this is a mix of educational input around what can be done with technology – as one has to start with this; what this means to your business or legal group in terms of organisational and process change; and finally putting this all into an economic context, because this is not about changing one particular legal process in one business, it’s about changing the way the legal market functions at an industry level, with the end goal being to reduce the cost of legal services to society as a whole.