Stephen Foley.

Stephen Foley

Stephen Foley.

Villains, Heroes, Guides and Adversity: How to Tell Your Story

4.15 – 4.30pm | Maia Room

Most good movies have a story line that includes a villain, a hero, the guide and some adversity to overcome. Marketing your product/service also needs to tell a story. Your client (the hero) needs to understand how your product/service (the guide) might shift something which matters to them positively, what the obstacle (villain) is and what their life would look like (the transformation) if they succeed. Stephen illustrates this with a real life example of what happened when the company unwittingly positioned their product/service as the hero and not the guide.

About Stephen

Stephen is managing director of He has been developing legal software for over 30 years and has deep insight into the requirements of barristers and barrister clerks. He has worked in Australia, UK and USA developing and implementing legal technology solutions. He also has a passion for making the process of running legal cases as friction-less as possible by using technology to support the process. Access to justice is a key area of concern and Stephen is committed to developing solutions that allow everyone to have access to the necessary tools to run their matters more efficiently.