Steve Tyndall.

Steven Tyndall

Steve Tyndall.

Convenience Trumps Quality: Lessons for Surviving in the Digital Age

4.30 – 4.45pm | Maia Room

History has shown that the disruptive technologies and businesses that win out provide us with increased convenience rather than improved quality. Lawyers are typically perfectionist by nature. They tend to gravitate toward delivering the highest quality legal services rather than the most convenient. In his presentation, Steve explains how this approach and mindset limits your ability to adopt new technology and to service your client’s needs – and what you need to focus on instead in order to survive in a digital age.

About Steve.

Steve Tyndall is the founder of NextLegal (Legal IT consulting practice) and the Founding Director of Client Sense (a data-driven Business Development tool). Steve has led the in-house function of national law firms and regularly facilitates workshops with the QLS, LIV and other industry associations.