Alex Rosenrauch

Manager - PwC NewLaw and Co-Host of The Legal Ops Podcast
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Alex Rosenrauch is a Manager in the PwC NewLaw Team that provides strategic advisory services for the transformation of global corporate legal departments. Alex has helped transform some of the largest corporate legal departments in Australia, including at Telstra, but has more recently returned from the United States after digitising a global legal department spread throughout North America, Europe and APAC.

Alex has a passion for data and is focused on strengthening and transforming how a team works by delivering a new agile construct that is data driven, enabled by legal technology and is underpinned by a robust framework that empowers the team to operate efficiently, effectively and collaboratively.

Alex is also the co-host of the internationally streamed podcast called ‘The Legal Ops Podcast’ that is about all things legal operations, legal business and legal technology.

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