Susan Hackett.

CEO | Legal Executive Leadership, LLC
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Susan Hackett is the CEO of Legal Executive Leadership, LLC. She is a strategic consultant to law departments (and the law firms and other legal service providers who support them), helping them re-think and re-engineer the way they work. She guides legal executives and operations teams through change projects, as they move from the way they used to work, to explore how they will provide value and improved results in the future.

She founded LEL in 2011 after serving for 22 years as the Senior Vice President and General Counsel of the Association of Corporate Counsel in Washington, DC. She pioneered ACC’s law department legal and management best practices, established the legal value movement, created CLO leadership initiatives, originated first versions of legal operations networks, delivered in-house professional development educational and resources, organized and advocated for in-house professional ethics and professional regulation initiatives and reforms, and promoted in-house DEI and pro bono leadership projects.

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